Hi, my name is Jodie!


I am that "all around photographer" needle in haystack type gal!
The outdoors call my name and dusty arena's is where my heart is content!

Local to the MD of Willow Creek for over 10 years, previously resided within the Foothills area for over 20 years!

Mother to a bossy child, that feral stage of independence until they cannot open a container, than its "Muuuuuummmmmmmm"

Long hours spent in front of my Wacom tablet is the second best place only because i get to relive the day through still images!

Timeless Style

If i could live my life in Black and White... i would! There is something about the elegance that draws me in. I offer photos both in colored and Black and White, because lets face it; some photos just look better in B&W!

A Decade of Experience

Thirty-something years old with over a decade of experience! Feel rather old saying that! I was a weekend warrior long long time ago, in 2017-2018ish is when i branded Shutter Close Photography and since than it has been nothing short of a wild ride with some amazing people!