The ultimate lens!

The NIFTY FIFTY lens aka the Nikon Z 50mm 1.8S (Pssst.... its on sale) is a lens in every photographers bag, if its not in your bag GO BUY ONE!!! 

I personally shoot with the Nikon Z9 as my primary body now Nikon and other brands still make the F Mount/E mount etc lenses but for this topic we will be focusing on the Z series! Nikon came out with the Nikon Z 50mm 1.2S at a much high cost. 

I personally weighed the pros and cons of choosing the 1.8s over the 1.2s mainly because of the fields i shoot in and i don't foresee myself ever needing 1.2s especially on brighter days you will have to bump it up to at at least 1.8 or higher so you don't overexpose your image. The size difference between the two is something else, the 1.2s is MASSIVE and almost 2 times the weight than the 1.8s 

Sharpness is comparable between the two until you get to lower (almost dark) light is it enough of a difference for me to spend $2,500 CAD on lens vs $900 CAD no, but i do suggest you do some research on both lenses. 

Pictured above is our very own Pitty named Buddy. He is by far the most gentlest dog on this earth and is always up for photo! I photographed him with the Nikon Z 50mm 1.8S fully intending on focusing on his nose; because dog noses make imprints on our hearts! Buddy was within 2 feet of me when i was taking this photo; the 50mm lens is a prime lens which means.... Zoom with your feet!  Get closer to your subject, as close as 1.32 feet that is the minimum focusing distance for this lens; any closer and get a macro lens! 


The 3 things every photographer wants to hear. Fast, Sharp, Affordable is just what the Nikon Z 50mm 1.8S is. Paired with a Z mount body = flawless. I don't find this lens "hunting" for the subject whether it is a dog nose or hoar frost on the branches, it locks on quick. 

This lens itself currently as of January 2024 retails for $816.00 CAD, Amazon has it on sale for $694.00 CAD currently which is a smokin' deal! New year, new lens? That is how i justified it! 

I previously had a F mount 50mm however during the switch over i had sold it and just never purchased one right away until recently and remembered just how much i adore this lens.