Wildlife Know How

Photographing wildlife has always been a passion of mine. Everything from birds of prey to cute little Pikas I'm a strong believer on everything deserves to be photographed!

I cannot stress this enough, if you are out photographing wildlife, regardless of what it is (four-legged or feathery) please, please be respectful of their surroundings. Bears can move incredibly fast. Elk, Deer and Moose can move fast and do a fair bit of damage. I understand photos are important but nothing is more important than being respectful. 

Top 2 Lenses!

My top two lenses for photographing wildlife are my Nikon Z 70-200mm and my Nikon 500mm F5.6 In the future i do plan on purchasing the Nikon Z 800mm however until than, the two lenses listed above are my "go-to" 

I always find myself forgetting that with a "fixed focal length" that i don't have the option to zoom, which isn't a problem just means i need to stay a bit further away. Now both lenses take stellar images! The Swainsions Hawk (photo shown above) was taken with the Nikon 500mm lens, the bird happened to be soaring in the wind looking for its next prey. Now the picture below....is something else! This again was taken with the Nikon 500mm lens! If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Instagram than you are in luck for seeing sneak peek photos such as The Swainsions Hawk "coming in hot"

Top 3 Tips:

#1 Have a tele-photo lens

#2 Be respectful of their surrounding (including yours)

#3 Start off taking photos at the Zoo