Macro photography is truly something! It requires some dedicated work, a flash, a macro lens and well a camera! 

I am a firm believer that there are bugs and insects out there that have yet to have been discovered sounds silly but the world (to me) seems so unexplored and the little guys i feel go unnoticed by the human eye! 

Now I've only recently stated "Night Macro" so come along for the journey on this! I can share that night photography is very cool! I've learned that a lot more bugs and insects come out at night; and that the average "daytime" bug or insect has now hunkered down for the night. I managed to find a grasshopper on my adventure mainly because he/she jumped from one blade of grass to another; but with a flash in its face it wasn't sticking around very long. 

Be Respectful

I am always going to mention this and that is "be respectful" near wildlife, insects and bugs. Putting yourself in harms way or harming a critter isn't worth the "Million Dollar Shot" I personally photographed a Philodromidae (Crab Spider) three times before she ran into a leaf. Upon closer inspection i noticed she had gone to protect her eggs; upon noticing this i moved on to my next search and respected her space. 

By respecting a critters space is lessens the "stress" that they begin to experience or perhaps the potential cause of abandoning their nest. Most importantly if a spider for example goes to scurry away and misses the next ledge and falls they could potentially hurt themselves which isn't beneficial for anyone. I will always reflect on this because its super important. 


Insects & bugs during the daylight or night time can be a challenge to find. Don't lose hope if they keep flying away from you before you can get a photo, it happens, you can't win them all. 

When searching for your subjects crouch down low...real low! Sit, crouch or kneel at plants, bushes or flowers and really take a moment to observe. Insects and bugs really do a get job of blending in so be extra patient! Didn't find anything at the time? No biggie! Come back later and look again, can almost promise you will see something!

Insects of the night are something to find, typically for me, in the M.D of Willow Creek area i mainly come across Stink Bugs, Spiders, Moths, Green Lacewings (Larvae) Grasshoppers and Crickets all of which make great photo subjects. Likely there are more insects out there just our paths didn't cross at that time! 

What was my best find?


I have a personal favorite find. and it happens to be the wasp at the top of the page! This unusually cute wasp is called a Brachymeria Wasp  this beauty and i crossed paths during a windy Southern Alberta day! My daughter happened to be looking for insects with me that day too and was so fascinated by wasp that she tried to "shoo it along" before i could get a photo!

I had explained to my daughter that the wasp is likely waiting for the wind to settle down a bit before heading on its adventure and we should let it rest; it has found a safe spot that just so happens to be our yard! My 4 year old looked at me like i had 8 heads hahaha and moved on looking for more bugs!

I do have a series of images however there are a few favorite that i needed to share! Along with sharing is my story; I've travelled around my yard countless time and never came across such a incredible insect until the 3rd lap around the yard and i happened to see it! A size comparison would be a grain of rice so super easy to miss if you just did a quick glance! 

This insect find has been one of the coolest finds to date so far!