Vrooomm Vrooommm!

Love cars? Want to know some tips and tricks for photographing them??

Photographing cars will always have a special place in my heart. There is truly something unique about the old classic cars, the curvature, the design and the interior are all something that catches my eye. 

My husband and i own a 2014 Challenger Hellcat this beauty has 707HP stock and is quite the car. The picture shown is of our very own car! 

Now onto some tips and tricks! 

#1 Photograph from a different angle, a different viewpoint, get low to the ground. 

#2 Use the proper lens! This is important. A 50mm lens would do wonders, this allows you to get that much closer but yet still being able to maintain the whole vehicle in the image!

#3 keep your foreground and background equally sharp! And control your depth of field

#4 Shoot in manual - this allows you to get precise details without your camera lens and camera searching around or not focusing when it should. 

#5 Make sure you have the best lighting possible. Whether its a indoor car event or an outdoor show, be aware of your surroundings

#6 Don't show the WHOLE car in EVERY photo! Yup, you read that correctly! I close-up image of a grill on a Ford Vicky, or a half view down the fender of a Ford Mustang makes for some really really nice images! it's the little details that standout!

Most importantly have fun! Explore!